If a bid is placed within 60 seconds of the closing time, the closing time is extended for 120 seconds (2 minutes). If Bid Extension is in effect, the item title is preceded by ****. Extensions will continue if there are new bids entered less than 60 seconds before the new closing time.


NOTE! All bid amounts must be written as whole numbers only.
Write 2000 NOT 2,000.00

1. BID "NEXT BID": You can bid the amount in the NEXT BID field, by clicking the BID button. Note that using the Bid button you can place successive bids against yourself. If you are the Hi Bidder, your ID# will show in Red.

2. BID ANY AMOUNT HIGHER THAN "NEXT BID": You can enter any amount greater then the amount in the NEXT BID field (in round numbers please!). Click BID to submit your bid for this amount. Bids below the "NEXT BID" value will be rejected.

3.AUTO-BID: This is the "maximum amount" up to which you are prepared to bid on an item. The Auction program will now automatically manage this bid for you. It will bid the next BID INCREMENT on your behalf against all other bidders up to the maximum amount of your AUTO-BID and no further.

Place your "maximum amount" in the NEXT BID field (in round numbers please!). Check the AUTO-BID box.Then click BID.

Please note that you can place an autobid when you are already the high bidder without increasing your current high bid. Place your auto bid at least one full increment above the next bid value to be effective.

3A. ABSENTEE/CONCIERGE BID (LIVE EVENTS): [Not available for all events, please check the Bidding Tips/How To page for your event] If you cannot attend the live event, you can place an Absentee Bid. Place your Absentee Bid using the Auto-Bid function. This Auto-Bid will be managed on your behalf at the live event by a staff member.

4. BUY NOW: If an item has a BUY NOW price, you can end the auction immediately, in your favor, by bidding that amount. Enter the BUY NOW price in the NEXT BID field and click BID. You will receive an email confirming your BUY NOW purchase.