Lot #200
Tangier and Lhasa 
Tangier: Handmade Sterling Silver Chain Lhasa, the Sword of Truth & Justice Pendant, a solid sterling 2 1⁄2 sword with matte cabochon onyx bullet, diamond accent on shank and ruby cabochon accents. The blade is engraved and the bas relief cross represents humanity.

Konstantina was born in Vancouver B.C. Canada to Greek immigrant parents. The natural and
cultural envelope of her homeland gave her a wonderful respect for the leveling elements
of mother nature and cultural diversity. She made her debut as a jewelry designer at AGTA
in Tucson Arizona in 2005 and since then has been awarded for her jewelry designs twice
by the World Gold Council, the Woman's Jewelry Association and by Jewelers Circular Key
stone. The most important element of the designs is her commitment to share the language
of symbolism in her work- a universal and ancient lexicon without geographical, cultural or
religious boundaries, that is an embedded code of honor to be shared.

Minimum Bid: $900
Value: $2,200