Lot #130
things that POP in my head 
pigment ink and gold leaf on Hahnemuhle paper.
21.5 x 28 inches

Born in 1968 in Kathmandu, Tsherin Sherpa lives and works in California. He studied traditional
Tibetan thangka painting from the age of twelve under the guidance of his father, Master
Urgen Dorje, a renowned thangka artist from Ngyalam, Tibet. After six years of intense
formal training, he left to study Mandarin and computer science in Taiwan. Three years later,
he returned to Nepal to work with his father on numerous projects that included painting
thangkas and monastery murals. In 1998, he moved to the USA and worked as a thangka
artist and instructor at several Buddhist centers in California. In recent years his emphasis has
shifted from traditional subjects to more contemporary concerns, including imagining what
traditional Tibetan spirits would look like now if they too had left Tibet and journeyed with him
to California. His technique is as precise and immaculate as ever, but the new Tibeto/Californian
spirits are possessed of a revitalized energy: some depicted as children, others shown as
quaintly demonic or possessed of a cocksure sexiness. Often he appropriates globalized icons
and logos of mass culture and luxury branding, taken from the internet, in a style he calls
CyberPop. Sherpa's works have been exhibited in the US, Asia and Europe and is represented by
Rossi & Rossi gallery (London).

Minimum Bid: $800
Value: $1,200