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Lot #124
Criss Cross 
12 x 12 x 12 inches

“The artist Anna Skibska has not only invented a powerful style, but she has pursued its
possibilities with courageous wit and a range of aesthetic programs that never fall short of
brilliant.” Dan Kany Skibska’s glass matrix fascinates. She produces her pieces by using a torch
to stretch and bend slender glass canes into delicate sculptures. The style immediately draws
natural forms to mind -- spider webs, crystals, honeycombs, and so on -- but with Skibska’s
spiritedly romantic mind and academic education, the matrices grow into forms that mingle
poetically and thoughtfully with the world. Skibska’s forms often allude to materials radically
different than her delicate glass work -- a tower, a door, a window or even a stone. The irony is
beautiful and because it lacks any hint of heavy-handedness, it is intelligent and alluring.”

Minimum Bid: $1,250
Value: $3,000